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Morgan Wallen, 'Whiskey Glasses' - Live

Morgan Wallen, 'Whiskey Glasses'  - Live

Uploader: Taste of Country

Duration: 04:03

Date: October 16, 2018

Music video of Morgan Wallen performing his song "Whiskey Glasses." You may know Taste of Country RISER #MorganWallen for his hit song "Up Down," a collaboration with #FloridaGeorgiaLine but this stripped down version of his next single #WhiskeyGlasses will show you a whole different side to this #countrymusic newcomer.

Wallen spent 2018 on tour with #LukeBryan. If you know his song you'll love his live, acoustic recreation.

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Morgan Wallen, "Whiskey Glasses" Lyrics:
(Ben Burgess, Kevin Kadish)

Pour me, pour me another drink / 'Cause I don't wanna feel a thing / No more, hell no / I just want to sip 'til the pain wears off / Pour me, pour me another round / Line 'em up and knock 'em down / Two more let's go / 'Cause I ain't ever hurt like this before / Don't wanna think about her / Wear a ring without her / Don't wanna hit the karaoke bar, can't sing without her / So make them drinks strong / 'Cause brother she's gone / And if I'm ever gonna move on.

I'ma need some whiskey glasses / 'Cause I don't wanna see the truth / She's probably making out on the couch right now with someone new / Yeah, I'ma need some whiskey glasses / If I'm gonna make it through / If I'ma be single / I'ma need a double shot of that heartbreak proof / And see the world through whiskey glasses / See the world through whiskey glasses.

Last call, I swear this will be my last call / I ain't drunk dialing no more at 3AM / Mr. Bartender hit me again.

Line 'em up, line ‘em up, line ‘em up, line ‘em up / Knock ‘em back, knock ‘em back, knock ‘em back, knock ‘em back / Fill 'em up, fill ‘em up, fill ‘em up, fill ‘em up / 'Cause if she ain't ever coming back.