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Cody Johnson, "On My Way To You"

Cody Johnson,

Uploader: Taste of Country

Size: 5.13 MB

Duration: 03:44

Date: January 22, 2019

Cody Johnson sings his new single "On My Way to You" live during this RISERS music video. #OnMyWayToYou is from #CodyJohnson's new 'Ain't Nothin' To It' album. See the #lyrics below. “On My Way To You" is the lead single off Cody's brand new album, 'Ain't Nothin' to It.'

This #Acoustic video shows why the #TexasCountryMusic singer was chosen as the first Taste of Country #RISER of 2019. The song lyrics for "On My Way To You" tell of a committed love, one the singer has with his wife and kids but also the fans.

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#CountryMusic #Nashville Who Sings On My Way To You?

Cody Johnson, "On My Way to You" Song Lyrics:

All the boats I've missed / All the hell I've caused / All the lips I've kissed / All the love I've lost / I got kicked around / I've been black and blue / On my way to you.

All the stars I've seen / All the songs I've sung / All the beers I've drank / All the damage done / I was just passin' time / Kinda just passin' through / On my way to you.

Every curve, every ditch / Every turn, every bridge / I left behind me up in smoke / Every fork in the road / It was all worth the while / When I finally saw your smile / Every highway, every heartbreak /Every mountain, every mile.

I got the radio up / Sun is going down / I’ll take a left at the bank / And I’ll head straight through town / So baby put on that dress / A little sweet perfume / ‘Cause I’m on my way to you.

All the boats I’ve missed / All the hell I’ve caused / All the lips I’ve kissed / All the love I’ve lost / I thank God for that / I guess he always knew / I was on my way to you.